More Descriptive Error Messages and a Didactical Infrastructure for OCaml

The objective of EasyOCaml is to make OCaml a language better suited for beginners and for teaching programming. We try to achieve this by
  • improving OCaml’s error messages by providing a modified parser and a new type checker.
  • equiping OCaml with an infrastructure to make it adaptable for teaching programming. This is done by Language Levels and specifications of the available syntax.
  • integrating all that into OCaml’s original toplevel loop and compiler system to take advantage of existing libraries and OCaml’s code generation facilities.
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EasyOCaml's type checker is based on Christian Haack & J. B. Wells' type error slicing for SML. The parser consist of a Camlp4 syntax extension with an adapted Camlp4. EasyOCaml supports the OCaml language without objects, polymorphic variants and creation of modules. Type annotations, as well as declarations of variants, records and synonyms and their usage including pattern matching are supported.

Comprehend documentation is now available.

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EasyOCaml: Documentation and port to 3.11

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